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08 Dec 2017
General Electric (GE) is a USA-based conglomerate that operates across a range of business sectors, including aviation, lighting and medical technologies. GE is a long-term TOP sponsor of the Olympic Games.
01 Dec 2017
Visa’s sponsorship strategy focuses on international properties like the Olympics that provide large, global audiences but can be also be marketed in local territories.
24 Nov 2017
Wanda Group, formerly known as Dalian Wanda, is a Chinese conglomerate and the world's biggest private property developer and owner. The company focuses its business on four key areas: commercial property, culture (including media and sport), online and finance.
17 Nov 2017
Joma is a Spanish sportswear brand and a supporter of soccer, tennis and national Olympic committees and federations.
10 Nov 2017
Rakuten is a Japanese multi-faceted e-commerce company. Since 2016 it has become a high profile sports sponsor outside of its home market.
27 Oct 2017
Sportcal spoke to Dilesh Sangaran, Group Head of Corporate Affairs at Lycamobile, to understand why the brand entered into partnership with the Jacksonville Jaguars and to understand the company's sponsorship strategy.
27 Oct 2017
As the designated 'home team' for the NFL International Series in London, the Jacksonville Jaguars are leading the development of American Football in a foreign market. Hussain Naqi, Vice President of International Development tells Sportcal how they are going about it.
08 Sep 2017
Sportcal Sponsorship spoke with Owen Hughes, ‎Nissan’s Global Head of Sponsorship, to discuss the brand’s current activity and find out what can be expected from the Japanese car manufacturer in the future.
23 Jun 2017
The world's top twenty men's and women's tennis players attract sponsorship from a wide range of brands from around the world, but the men's game remains more popular with sponsors despite other advances in the game.
02 Jun 2017
Since the start of 2017, the sponsorship world has been hit by a series of scandals. However, as shown by the Sportcal Sponsorship team, this has not dimmed brand activity worldwide.
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